Are you stuck in a Communication Hamster Wheel?

By kateguest, Aug 1 2017 07:50AM

As I opened the door to my next Airbnb guests, giving them a hail and hearty West Country welcome, I remembered that they were French. ‘Pas probleme’ thought I. They all speak excellent English. They didn’t.

School girl French to the rescue. Just how much of my French ‘O’ Level studies could I remember from 40 years ago? Not much it turned out, however I was pleasantly surprised I could remember anything not having used it for so long, the resource was still there.

Thinking on my feet, adding in my Level one British Sign Language (in the way we British always do, flapping our arms about and speaking louder, thinking our foreign visitors will understand better), the lightbulb went off. Google Translate, brilliant!

In seconds a full conversation was had using this wonderful piece of modern technology.

Sometimes in our relationships at home, with friends or at work we need to think on our feet. We need to consider ‘What else?’. We need to draw on inner resources. and creativity.

Thinking outside the box, digging deep, being creative is how great communication happens. Those of you who know me will be used to (ad nasuem) one of my favourite phrases the origin of which is debated. “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

If you’re stuck in a communication hamster wheel, if people around you are saying “Well, we’ve always done it like that.” or “We just can’t see how…..”, help them to see, help them to do it differently, imagine you are ‘Google Translate’ so they can really understand where each other is coming from and have new, great conversations.

Break free from old patterns of behaviour, get off the hamster wheel (let the hamster back on and have his fun), make changes, do something different and communicate better, find your resources. What different resources and communication will you find and use today?

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