Cloudbusting, the 'hypnotic mantra' effects of the famous Kate Bush song and the Reticular Activating System

By kateguest, May 24 2016 04:55PM

Whilst walking in the wonderful array of nature, a field on a sunny day, the lines from the mesmeric Kate Bush's 'Cloudbusting' started playing in my head. Intrigued as to why that might be, I first took time to consider the lyrics. '"I just know that something good is going to happen, I don't know when, but just saying it can even make it happen."

My immediate thoughts were what an excellent example of RAS - our reticular activating system, the system in the brain that allows our attention to be drawn to something we need to be aware of to bring more information, more people, more chances to us. Have you ever thought you might like to buy a particular car and then suddenly you see that make of car in that particular colour everywhere. Maybe you need certain information or help with something and lo and behold the very thing or person comes to you.

Returning to the lyrics "Just saying it can even make it happen", whilst this is most certainly true, writing it down can make it even more likely to happen. Law of attraction or RAS? Either way it happens and when we focus more on something, more of it seems to come. This can happen in the negative too. If you keep saying or thinking something in the negative, more of that is what you will get.

Now this is also when you need to be aware of what you wish for. In the wonderful film 'Absolutely Anything' with Simon Pegg, his character can ask for well, absolutely anything and so he does with catastophic and morbid reuslts. Lacking the specific minutiae was his downfall. As in all good films everything is rectified and everyone lives happily ever after but when you wish for something, the devil is in the detail.

So why mention the RAS? I'm passionate about helping people create their own postive change and understanding and using our brain and its many systems in a new way can take people so far forward.

And now back to Cloubusting. Praised by Allmusic journalist Amy Hanson for its "hypnotic mantric effects", I can see why the song was playing itself in my head, taking me somewhere and leaving me there to ponder a while.

What will you ponder on and draw to you today? You may want to take a look at the film too, good British comedy with the feel good factor, how can you not. :-)

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