NOV BLOG - What's Your Fear Costing You?

By Kate Guest, Nov 1 2016 02:00AM

Imagine Breaking Through Your Fear, What Would That Be Like?

A great book by Susan Jeffers and today I did just that, let go of the day job completely. Letting it go and jumping into the unknown is scary. Scary is exciting. This is something I talk to all my clients about. Sometimes we have to take a leap of faith, let go of the apron strings and dive in. Moving from employed to both employed and self employed to just me! Self employed all the way. I now have time to grow the business as I want to. Have time to network and develop relationships.

So how did it happen? What got me to where I've been trying to get on my own? Hypnosis! It's sometimes hard to heal yourself or 'take your own medicine'. By doing my advanced hypnosis training the other week I became not only the student but the client also.

I'm not very hypnotiseable and I really wanted to have the experience my clients have so my mentor did just that, gave me a great client experience which shifted something in me and gave me the strength to do something I've wanted to do for so many years.

Oftentimes we get stuck. We're in a loop and it seems way too scary to get out and yet when we do it's so liberating. There's no guarantee what the future will bring and yet that's the point there is a future you just have to embrace it.

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