OCT BLOG: The life that's in front of you!

By Kate Guest, Oct 1 2016 03:00AM

The life that's in front of you!

Noticing What's in Front You That You Might Not Have Noticed...

No time to stop? Diary at bursting point? Appointments and deadlines everywhere? Kids to transport? What about the shopping, cooking, cleaning....!! Sound like you? Me too, even when we're coaching clients to help them with their lives we need to give ourselves time too. We need to stop, relax and sometimes review what's happening in life as oftentimes in this busy, busy state we miss what's right under our nose and that could mean missing an opportunity and missing how special we are.

Here's an example, in one of the offices I work in there is a box with a key in it. The box is very prominently placed on the wall. I see it everytime I'm in that office and yet I'd never noticed it, never wondered what it was for until yesterday. The weather was hot, summer had finally come out of hiding and the office was stuffy. I was asked if I'd like the window open. Window? We have windows in here? The box on the wall so far unoticed had a switch and a key, the switch was flicked, the key turned, a unfamiliar whirring mechanical sound began. Lo and behold the skylight opened. Fresh air!

If I'd been more curious, if I'd bothered to really take an interest in my environment and seen what was right in front of me I would have known about the skylight, the box, the switch and the key and had lovely fresh air flowing in to that room days earlier.

So what's the point of me sharing this with you? The story is a metaphor for what happens when we're not curious, when we cease to take notice of our surroundings and what they give us, when we don't see what is within ourselves, our qualities and the qualities in others. Not noticing the minutiae and the abundance of detail therein.

If someone asked you "What's your personal USP?", your unique selling point. "What makes you special? What do you do as a person that others don't? When do you go the extra mile and what does that offer?" How do you reply? Sometimes we just don't recognise what qualities, what strengths and resources we already have, what makes us so special.

Coaching is all about empowering the client, helping them realise their potential, harnessing their resources, and acheiving a breakthrough. A coach can help a client to see the sculpture in the piece of stone, see what's already there inside.

Take an inward look, notice the box of possibillities, flick the switch of potential and turn the key of chance as you recognise your qualities, strengths and resources.

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