Step in to Spring

By kateguest, Mar 12 2017 02:00PM

As Spring approaches it falls to me to add a Spring like blog. Have I been innatentive to my blog posts? Did I miss February?

Well yes, I did and the reason is I have been adding many more services to my website having moved from Techno phobe to computer lieterate, frustrated back office web creator to pretty nifty web creator. As well as this I have been adding to my portfolio of learning. I am also about to run my first joint venture workshop in April.

So what's happened to cause these postive changes? Practising what I preach! Quite simpy I have been working on myself and with my peers to improve things in my life using the techniques and methods I ofer my clients.

My tagline is 'Helping People To Create Positive Change'. I need to to be always moving forward too so as I 'spring' in to a new season I'd like you to consider what new challenges do you want to embrace right now? What changes do you want to make?

Step in to Spring with me and be amazed at the results.

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