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Connecting with others in business

I was delighted to be a 'guest blogger', (very apt considring my surname) on my VA's website. Joanne is an award winning VA based in Exeter Devon.

Here it is.................

Guest blog from Kate Guest, Kate Guest Coaching and Hypnotherapy

I’m really pleased to be able to feature Kate Guest as my guest blogger this week. Kate is a self development coach, trainer, speaker, hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and a Registered General Nurse – and not only that she is one of my favourite clients. I was recently talking to Kate at a fundraising event for a local charity and I happened to comment on how I loved reading her posts on LinkedIn, and how I dislike writing blogs myself, and asked Kate if she would be interested in writing a guest blog.

I was thrilled when Kate agreed, and here she talks about the value of connecting with others in business.

Connecting with others in business

I love connections, don’t you? My Dad and I didn’t always see eye to eye, but what I always remember, was him saying ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know’ and how right he was and still is. He also had a few other phrases, ‘You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’, so we’re still on the lines of connection. The third and final phrase was FSB. No, not the Federation of Small Businesses although ironic that the initials are the same. No, it was ‘Family stand back!’ Actually it was Arthur Askey’s phrase really I believe and there was only Mum, Dad and me at home but I digress.

‘You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’

Our connections can offer us so much, sometimes things we don’t expect of them and the more giving those connections are, well, they just go on giving. They don’t expect anything in return, they simply want to help. They want to see you do well. So guess what, we want to help them back. We want to reciprocate. Like attracts like and what a swell way to live life. Take my VA (Virtual Assistant), I’ve worked with Joanne Manville for only a few months. She does exactly what it says on the tin as the saying goes. Straightforward, quick, efficient. She always delivers. ‘So what.’ you may say, ‘that’s what you pay her for.’ True, but not everyone is so quick and efficient, not everyone does deliver. Add to this the add ons that Joanne provides with interim emails, support and advice, well, you’ve got friend, a confidant, a mentor and a Coach. I’m not saying I’m going to spill my all about personal problems, moan about things (well, maybe a little) and discuss the price of fish, but sometimes I need that little boost, sometimes I need someone to say ‘Have you tried this? Have you heard about this event? Do you want me to connect you with….’ and so we’re back to connections and what they provide.

‘Straightforward, quick, efficient. She always delivers’

Being part of a connected community is key to our physical and mental health. Check out Mr Tony Robbins and Chloe Mandanes. They always speak of connection. Research such as the ‘Rat Park’ experiment shows that people who are part of communities are healthier than those in isolation. As a fellow solepreuner, valuing the gift of not only having great connections but supportive ones too like Joanne can mean the difference between being rat A and rat B in the above experiment. I know which I’d rather be.

Kate is passionate about helping personal clients and people in business move forward in life and achieve this by applying her skills as a self development coach, trainer, speaker, hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and a Registered General Nurse. Find out more about how Kate can help you, via her website and Facebook page

Joanne Manville

Virtual Assistant at Joanne Manville Virtual Assistance

Following almost ten years working as an Executive Personal Assistant to senior leaders such as CEOs, Managing Directors, Chairs and Boards, I started my Virtual Assistant business in October 2015 and now use my skills to support small business owners to make the most of their time and grow their businesses by supporting them with their administration.

If you know someone with a small business that may need help, please pass on my details as I may be able to help.

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Kate Guest - Results Coach

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