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Offering ladies a day for themselves to relax, revitalise and rejuvenate was the intention of 'Essentially You' the creation of the wonderful therapists Sue Cooper - Shiatsu and Indian Head Massage, Rebecca Bright - Sound Healing and Self Love Coach and myself. For me this was one of my dreams coming true. An idea I had had some years ago whilst still living in North Devon. Now the dream is a reality and a very popular one. The feedback from all our ladies on the launch day made all our efforts worthwhile and we can't wait to offer it all again soon.

So what did I learn from this and what do I want to share with you? It confirmed to me that having your dreams is essential, writing them down and sharing them with others vital, letting the Universe know what it is you want to acheive. Secondly sharing, not being precious about your product or service, being willing to ask others for help and in doing so they in turn benefit. It's a win win situation. Working with Sue and Rebecca is an immensely rewarding experience and one I wish to see flourish for many years.

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