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I was lucky enough to be invited to a wedding on Saturday. A huge affair where much thought and detail had been given to the entire event so that everyone would have as comfortable and wonderful a time as possible. We did!

What was also special about this particular wedding was family and friends, connections and communications, many unexpected.

If any of you are old enough to remember the American TV comedy from the 70’s ‘Soap’, try following this. Picture the scene at one particular table. Here sat the man of my dreams, his three gorgeous daughters, his sister and her family, his daughters’ mother (yes, his ex wife), his daughters’ mother (yes, still his ex wife) my old friend from nurse training……..all having a brilliant family time together.

My friend I hadn't seen for 15 years. Catching up and hugs abounded. Getting to know her new husband was awesome, what a great guy. My husband’s sister I had also known through nursing years ago and my daughter had holidayed with her in younger years with her family being a friend of her daughter's friend. The brides mother I had become friends during our Belly dance days and yet here I was because I was married to the bride’s, brother’s godfather. Connections don’t you love ’em!

Then came the evening. It's sad how sometimes we loose connection with people we once loved to spend time with. Here walking towards me were two such people. My ex brother and sister in law. I'm not sure who was most surprised. As if time had no boundaries we were also hugging and catching up on all the stories and adventures of ourselves and our children. The sad stories and the triumphs.

At one point on the dance floor later that evening I chuckled as by way of introduction I pointed to my left and said “This is my new sister-in-law”, and then pointed to my right and said “and is is my old sister and brother-in-law.” I always have said our village was socially incestuous and I love that.

I caught up with friends and patients from over the years from when I'd lived and worked in the village. I saw how two wonderful families had made this day possible by the marriage of the love birds. I saw the connection to their past with the remembrance of those no longer with us who would have loved to have been there and were sadly missed.

It was a truly magical day and I marvelled at it. Love and connection combined is a powerful thing to behold.

Whether it's your family or your business, being connected, I mean really connected is key.

Communicating in an honest and open way. Sharing not only best practice but joy, laughter and fun.

So, for those of you who do remember ‘Soap’ you'll understand the funny side of my story. There are even more twists and tails in my connections but that's for another day………..

Keep connected, family, friends, colleagues and really appreciate what that brings. Always expect the unexpected connections and embrace them. Who will you connect with today?

Kate Guest is a family coach who extends this family modelling to the workplace helping people to communicate better.

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