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Any pet owners amongst you? Today’s blog came about after having a visit from an animal behaviourist. It was fascinating. I thought that the training would be more for me than our dogs and how right I was.

The reason for calling in expert help was because of the barking and jumping up, (the dogs that is not me.) Every time someone comes to the door the barking begins. ‘Well that’s good.’ I hear you say, a good guard dog is an asset and indeed it is but not when they won't then easily stop.

It becomes a frantic scene on the doorstep with me trying (remember I always say to my clients, in the words of Yoda “There is no try.”) to open the door, welcome someone in, stop the dogs running out and then jumping all over the visitor (again, the dogs not me!)

In comes the lovely Susie, dog trainer extrodinaire. A vision of peace and calm she quickly sets about instructing myself and Stuart my husband in the ways of good dog control (read that as human control).

So what’s the secret? Being calm ourselves, finding a strong inner calm deep down and putting out that energy that is so easily picked up by our animals. Likewise the anxious energy I had been displaying unconsciously when previously opening the door had been picked up by our two dogs and they were behaving accordingly. I was perpetuating the situation.

Susie explained that most of our communication with our pets is non verbal. It’s our body language, it’s what we’re thinking and feeling, it’s the energy that we are putting out. ‘So change it.’ we were told. Bring in a deep calm laissez-faire attitude.

I had to practise walking to the door talking nonchalantly, feeling as if cloaked in a golden calm with no hint of anxiety. All evening I continued to go at random times to the door as if there was someone there talking and behaving completely differently to the way I used to behave and there is the clue!

I often say to clients ‘If you always do what you’ve always done you’ll always get what you’ve always got.’ The origins of the saying is debated, what is certain is how true it is. Susie said we were also to vary how we did things, feed the dogs different food, feed them in different areas, hide things for the little dog to seek out, shake things up a little.

Teaching us what to do to have a better relationship with our dogs and for them to get a better deal we had to do exactly the things I instruct my clients to do, another clue!

Research shows us that varying our routes to work, altering our sequence of doing things, looking for new ways to do things and so on is good for our brains and our mental health.

Heart Math - - explains how we are energy and how we put out energy and how this connects with and effects others including our pets.

All I had to do to help myself and our dogs was to practise what I preach to my clients. As I said, the clues were there all along.

Thank you for reading this. If you would like any further information about what is contained in this blog please feel free to contact me.

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