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Family Coaching


Family Coaching is for facing and fixing family issues, providing support for families who wish for harmony and happiness at home.



* Does your child need help with confidence/self esteem?

* Does your child miss out on events such a sleepovers due to bedwetting?

* Is your child's energy low with no related medical issues?

* Do you or your child have a fear or a phobia?

* Do you feel swamped with daily family life and need support?

* Are you struggling with a work/life balance?



Family Coaching is for you if you can identify with any of the above or other similar issues. It's for you if you want to find helpful ways of dealing with those issues and moving forward as a family.



Today's families face isssues that weren't so apparent or known about in previous generations. My own experience as a mother may have been very different if I'd had the input that I now know and can offer families. Different generations can bring with them different issues.



Parents want help with issues such a bed wetting, sibling rivalry, anxiety, fears, confidence, self esteem, bullying, the list is endless. For the parents themselves, they are dealing with their own issues such as divorce, redundancy and like the children, self esteem and confidence. This often results in additional problems such as weight gain, smoking, addictions, relationship breakdown, the list is endless.


Kate also incorporates the SleepTalk® programme in her Family Coaching.







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"Helping People Create Positive Change"



Thank you Kate for your advice and coaching. It’s really helping us to become more goal driven. It can be a challenge to think strategically about what we want in life with two young children so our sessions are really helping us focus and give us the strategies and tactics to go after them."    





 Family Coaching