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Neuro Linguistic Programming

What is NLP?


NLP or  Neuro-Linguistic Programming. First brought to us by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the 1970's.



Co founder Richard Bandler recently gave his definition of NLP as "a model of interpersonal communication chiefly concerned with the relationship between successful patterns of behaviour and the subjective experiences (esp. patterns of thought) underlying them" and "a system of alternative therapy based on this which seeks to educate people in self-awareness and effective communication, and to change their patterns of mental and emotional behaviour."


In simple terms it's what we think - neuro, what we say - linguistic (including our self talk) and as a result of this, what we do - programming.



Think of it like a computer. Just as your desk top or laptop needs a regular clean up, a defrag, an old piece of software removed and a new better piece of software installed, your mind can benefit from this too.



Kate uses techniques from NLP enabling the installation of improved and more useful patterns of behaviour for the client thus allowing the client to create powerful change within.


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"If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got".


Do something different - you'll be amazed at how it changes your life.