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SleepTalk® A self esteem programme for children

SleepTalk® is a process for children with difficulties and children with none.

It's about developing a child's emotional resilience.


SleepTalk® has been successful in resolving many issues such as bedwetting, behavioural isues, sibling rivalry, anxiety, ADHD, Autism, and sleeping to name but a few sometimes in as a little as a few days and has been used effectively by thousands of families around the world over the last 40 years.


Even if your child has none of those issues but you want to ensure s/he feels deeply loved and secure and is growing up with all the right beliefs to live an empowered and productive life, then SleepTalk® is also for you.























As a SleepTalk® Consultant Kate will be able help you and your child to a better life.


SleepTalk® from the Gouliding Institute

The SleepTalk® process is copyright. Joane Goulding.












Kate is the SleepTalk® Consultant for the Devon area


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"Helping People Create Positive Change"


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I knew something wasn't right when my 8 year old came running in from the garden petrified because the neighbour had started a small bonfire.


This was a month or so after we as a family experienced the horror of having to flee our home in the middle of the night when a huge fire broke out in the barns next to us. As a parent I was floundering, I was unsure of which way to turn to help my child move past this nightmare that she in danger of being trapped in.


Cue Kate Guest who stepped into our lives just when we needed rescuing the most with her friendly, humorous, child centred approach to therapy easing my daughter away from this potentially devastating phobia before it had gripped hold.


My daughter enjoyed her sessions with their imaginative play, fun props and easy going style and in just few sessions her mind had been steered away from what was damaging to her.


Communication and flexibility was in abundance and I cant thank Kate enough for giving my daughter a brighter future.